Term of use

By using tortue-logo.fr, you accept the following term of use:

1) tortue-logo

tortue-logo is a service provided by Apidev. It makes possible to create geometrical drawings from scripts written with the LOGO language. The purpose is to make a funny and easy-to-use tool to teach logic and geometry to children beween 8 and 15 through an initiation to coumputer programming. The service can also be used by anybody who wants to create drawings with LOGO scripts for fun.

2) Term aggreement

In order to use tortue-logo, you must agree the current term of use.

3) Language of reference

The current term of use is a translation of the "Conditions d'utilisation" written in french. It is only provided to help you understanding how tortue-logo can be used. Please refer to the original document if you want to get the applicable term of use. 

4) Services

tortue-logo services are provided without any guarantee.

Apidev can decide to end the service or to change the term of use, temporarly or definitely, at any time and without any notice. If you use tortue-logo into an educational project, we recommend you to inform Apidev of your usage constraint. We will try to take it into account.

You can create an account and record scripts on the server. The number of scripts is limited to 100. You can create only 1 account by physical person. You are not allowed to give access to your account to a third party.

There is no guarantee regarding the loss of data stored on the server. You must keep a local copy of your data in order to insure their integrity.

There is no guarantee about the compatibility of your scripts with future versions of tortue-logo.

You have the rights to delete your account. You can do it directly from your profile page without noticing Apidev. The deletion of an account is definitive and the associated data is lost. After deletion of your account, you are allowed to create a new one.

The service can be accessed partially without creating an account on the server. You can use it this way without any limit of time. Please note that some features are not provided in this case.

4) Usage

You agree that the data provided when creating your account are exact and up-to-date.

You agree that you don't use the service for any other purposes than the ones decscribed in section 1) of this document.

You agree that you don't use the service to create drawing that may offense any one. You don't make any drawing that may be interpreted as a sexual, hate or racist message.

The scripts remains your property and your responsability. They will not be used without your aggreement.

If we think that you don't follow the current term of use or that your usage is not compatible with the objectives or the image of tortue-logo, Apidev can freely decide to delete your account without any notice and any explanation.

5) Personnal data

You are responsible of the security of the password associated with your account. We recommend to change it on a regular basis and to choose something that can't be easily found.

If you loose your password, a form is provided to restore your access.

You must inform Apidev as soon as possible, if you detect that someone use your account without any authorization.

By creating an account, you accept to be contacted by email for any subject linked with tortue-logo.

6) Licence

tortue-logo is a free software that can be freely installed on a server. In case of a new instance of this software, Apidev is not responsible of any consequence of the usage of this software.

7) Responsabilty

Apidev is not responsible of any damage that could happen on your machine or your network when using tortue-logo. You must insure that your machine is protected against viruses or any kind of attacks and that your usage is compatible with the characteristics of your machine.

8) Modifications of the term

Apidev can modify at any time and without any notice the current term of use.