Here is a short overview of the main commands

fd N : go forward N pixels

rt N : right turn N degrees

lt N : left turn N degrees

bk N : go backward N pixels

pu : pen up

pd : pen down

st : show turtle

ht : hide turtle

cs : clean screen and go back to initial position

clean: clean screen but don't change the turtle position

repeat N [ ] : repeat N times the commands inside the brackets

if condition [ ] : execute the commands insied the barckets if the condition (2>1 for example) is true

ifelse condition [ ] [ ] : execute the 1st bracket if the condition is true or the 2n if not.

to myfct :x end : create a function with the name myfct, one argument :x and the code uo to the keyword end

setpc color : set pen color by name or RGB code (#ff00ff)

fcfg color : set background color by name or RGB code (#ff00ff)


setpw width : set pen width (in pixels)

save function : store a function (created with the for command) on the server. This can be restored for future use.

load function : restore a function from the server (stored with the save command)

home : go back to the original position

setpos x y : move the turtle to the position corresponding tp x and y coordinates (in pixels)

seth N : set absolute value in degrees for the turtle direction.

pos : display the current position coordinates

heading : display the current direction in degrees

fence : the turtle can not move outside the zone

windows : the turtle can move outside the zone

echo N: display the computed value (echo rc!2)


Note: text operator taking an argument, the operator and the argument must be separated by the '!' character. For example cos!90

common : + - / * < <= >= > =

difference : <>

integer division : //, %

booleans : and or not

power : ^ (3^2 returns 9)

square root : sqr (rc!4 returns 2)

trigonometry : pi sin cos acos atan tan

random:N : returns a romdom number between 0 and n-1

misc : log, log10, exp, abs