tortue-logo is provided as an example project of flatCMS. flatCMS is a software which helps creating website very easily.

flatCMS and tortue-logo aer free software. It can be freely used, studied, modified and distributed. 

tortue-logo is développed with Python, Django and Raphael. The server part can be installed on Windows, MAC-OS or Linux.

This is a web application which is natively executed in a web browser (IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera...).You don't need to install plugin or extension.

Download flatcms and flatcms_sample

Feel free to contribute

  • Notify any bug you find,
  • Share your best code and drawings,
  • Speak about tortue-logo and flatcms to your friends


You can use tortue-logo directly on the site. Nothing to install. You just need your favorite browser (even if it's Internet Explorer)

The following installation guide will help you to install the server-side of tortue-logo if you need to use on machines without an Internet connection.

  1. Install Python 2.6 or higher. Python 3.x is not supported yet.
  2. Install Django 1.2 or higher.
  3. Download flatcms 0.2. Follow setup instructions.
  4. Download flatcms_sample. Follow setup instructions.

Local Installation

Django has an small web server fir debuggin purpose and sqllite database. That's enough if you just want to use it locally.

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Go to the webapp dir of flatcms
  3. Execute python runserver
  4. Open your favorite browser and go to

Server Installation

If you want to install tortue logo on a real web server, Read the Django documentation