This project is built with a lot of open-source librairies. Thanks to all this great developpers to share their wonderful work.

Python / Django

Python my favorite language

Django: The web framework for perfectionnist with deadlines

django-captcha : protect the form with captcha

django-localeurl : integrate language code in urls

south : easy database migration

django-registration : easy enrollment process

django-pagination : easy pagination


Raphael : Wonderful javascript lib. Very easy to draw natively in a browser.

jQuery : famous and high quality javascript framework

tiny_mce : editor for CMS pages

jQuery cycle :  insert slideshow to your pages

Superfish : Menus for web pages

Colorbox : A light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin


This project is used as a proof-of-concept for flatcms, a final-user CMS developped by Apidev. See the download page for details.